April 17, 2021

Offline USB security

Some data is held on an external USB/Drive that gets connected to a computer ONLY when the computer is offline. The computer is scanned regularly for malware and the external drive never gets connected to anything else other than the aforementioned computer. Is it still possible for the data on the external drive to be stolen remotely?

I suppose the answer would be yes, but I would like to know how critical for security this practice would be and how it could be breached, possibly with some examples.

Thank you!



This sounds paranoid to the extreme.

Yes it’s possible that you can get some form of malware on your machine that copies data from external storage, stores it locally, and then uploads it somewhere when a connection is available.

That is not impossible.

Is it *likely*? No, not unless you’ve given someone a reason to get this granular with you


By “offline,” do you mean turned off or just separated from an external network?

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