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On Youtube, What the difference between the video,channel and shows sections?

I want to upload videos to youtube and then eventually make my videos into a show, but I don’t know what category to put it in, the video, channel or show sections. Can someone plus explain the differences.

How come when i click the defrag button a error message pops up and tell me Disk Defragmenter could not start?

How come when i click the defrag button a error message pops up and tell me Disk Defragmenter could not start?

How to move entire music collection to external harddrive?

Hey, i just got an external harddrive. I know drag and drop, but i cant move my collection without it messing up on itunes. Is there a way i can move them all, and not have to relocate my 1000+ songs?? Thank you… Oh, and i like to have a main music folder, then folders…

How do you cancel a video upload on iTunes?

I know how to cancel downloading the movie, but is there any possible way to get your money back?

What is the significance of having a Certificate Authority server?

What is the purpose for having a Certificate Authority server? I am trying to understand its main function. I have one set up as an enterprise CA, and it works just fine. My clients are able to request/install it from there workstation, but I do not really know the true meaning behind it. I was…

How can I prevent unauthorized usage of restart and power buttons in my PC?

I want to block access to power buttons and restart buttons. Is there a software that can do this?

How much marketing budget should I spend on a facebook campaign?

A decent daily budget that would get results or will give me an overview of what’s working and what’s not.

How do I restore important files on my computer?

My computer is currently having problems and I’m fearful that I may lose all of my pictures, videos and music that I have on it because I may have to restore it. I have not backed up my computer as far as I know. Is there any way to save the files from being lost?

How do you stop on a mac computer from remembering everything you typed?

Like you know when your about to type something and something that you’ve written appears? Yeah, well i want to take that out how do i do that?Thanks.

How do you make one if those groups that you become a fan of on facebook ?

I always become fans of those things on facebook and u really wanna make one I just have no idea how to ! Haaha , help ?