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Is it possible to get a job in cyber security with only an associate’s degree?

I am about to finish school with an associate’s degree in cyber security. I’m not sure what jobs I can get in the field with this degree as most job postings want a BS. Have any of you had luck with an AS or should I go back to school for a BS in cyber…

Anyone proficient with snort?

I am trying to figure this exercise out. I captured some traffic via wireshark and saved it as a .pcap file. I need to analyze the capture file with Snort with making sure that the resulting alert file is in a specific directory. Anyone know what the command for this is???

One of my old emails was in a paste. Clicked on the paste link on HIBP. And the page said NOT FOUND. Why could this have happened? Anything to worry about?

So today I went on HIBP and I checked my very old email and saw a paste from a year ago, under my email. So I clicked on the paste thinking it would talk about the paste and describing it and its details on HIBP’s website rather than taking me to a web page saying…

Am i safe?

Ran a keygen and deleted all related files immediately afterwards. Virustotal result was concerning (apologies for no link) so I scanned with WD, Malwarebytes, RKill and HitmanPro and none reported anything? Am I safe?

5 search tabs I didn’t open were open on my browser

the weird thing is all of them are pages on the app steam, like “Store, Home, Library…”. could this be an indication of something or maybe just a weird bug that maybe my browser or steam has?

Would you run this Android Tablet on your network? Even if it was on a separate VLAN. Mimo Adapt IQ

We are a non profit nursing home that has a electronic medical record system that is sycned with an inventory management system. The idea is that staff can go to the tablets near supply rooms, find the resident, select the items and check them out to the appropriate resident. This ensures that the resident is…

what should I watch out for if my PC has been compromised?

it seems a russian hacker managed to use my computer and enter a weird site. So far I can’t find anything different. what stuff should I look out for?