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Chrome Password Manager

Is the Chrome auto save/populate password manager secure enough to be used? What’s the general consensus on this when used at businesses? Is a password manager like Keepass a less convenient but better and safer option?

Employee surveillance tools built into MS Office 365

Employee surveillance tools built into MS Office 365 Esoteric metrics based on analyzing extensive data about employee activities has been mostly the domain of fringe software vendors. Now it's built into MS 365. A new feature to calculate 'productivity scores' turns Microsoft 365 into an full-fledged workplace surveillance tool: — Wolfie Christl (@WolfieChristl) November…

New Hacking Tool Is released take a look

When we are brute-forcing any passwords we need a wordlist, as we know that the wordlist are very large and takes too much time or sometimes we have 2-3 large wordlist which contains too many passwords and we don’t need that much passwords and don’t have that much time to do that so I think…

How will taking two years away from the tech industry affect my ability to get a job?

I graduated a couple years ago with my bachelors in computer science and I have been working as an SOC analyst since then. To make a long story short, my whole life I have been playing basketball. I played briefly for two years in college and even though I now work full time in tech…

What are the benefits of having prime in amazon?

I agree with Anonymous… The main benefit for me is the fast and free shipping on most of their products. I don’t really care much for Prime Video. If you regularly shop on Amazon, I think Prime is worth it. If you infrequently shop there or don’t really care much about shipping time, it probably…

Suspicious link through facebook

Hi, I hope this is allowed here. I’ve googled the web address etc but had no luck at all. ​ I just recently got a message from a person I’ve not spoken to via facebook in over 4 years with an attachment that read “3RTE Television: Is it you in the video?” I clicked the…

Which antivirus is best for Home users ?

Iam planning to buy an antivirus and thought i would ask the experts. I am currently using Kaspersky Internet Security, which is about to expire in 6 days. Is there any better options than Kaspersky. People told me that BitDefender, Norton , QuickHeal, etc are the best options but i am not sure.

Wifi DNS Hacking. Am I still vulnerable?

Earlier this year my Linksys smart Wi-Fi account got hacked and the hacker had changed the DNS I have since changed my password and changed the DNS. Am I still vulnerable and need to take other actions to make sure the hacker isn’t monitoring me somehow? Also what could have they taken from me while…

Juniper Security Cert JNCIA-SEC

Hello I wanted to here everyone thoughts on acquiring junipers free security certification JNCIA-sec Juniper announced this year that are their certifications are free. So I’m wondering if it’s worth the self study? Thank you in advance