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How can I upload recorded videos from my iPod Nano to Youtube?

Also, I have the Nano connected to my computer, but my videos do not show.

What are good programs for compressing songs and movies?

Looking for some good programs to compress songs and movies and still be able to be able to play them on an iPod. I have a lot so it would have to be a quick program. Also, how much do they shrink the files on average?

What do I do when my old Gateway computer automatically shuts down 5 minutes after start up?

It’s really weird. I turn on the computer and try to use it then a couple minutes after it fully starts up something pops up and tells me my computer is going to shut down in 1:00. Then it starts counting down and when it gets to zero it restarts itself and the whole thing…

How to receive emails from one Facebook account to 2 emails?

I have tow email addresses and I use them at different times. I would like to receive emails from facebook on both of my email accounts. Is that possible?

How can I transfer pictures from one folder to another on Windows 7 system?

I am simply trying to move around photos on my laptop, and I can’t figure out how.

How long until a pending friend request on Facebook cancels on its own?

I am trying to kind of avoid a family member who is trying to add me on Facebook. But rejecting them may cause IRL drama so I am trying to just ignore it. It has been over a week, when will it cancel in its own?

What is the longest wire you can use for an ethernet connection?

I want to string an ethernet cable from the the internet cafe on the first floor to the 4th floor condo I am renting. Will the connection be affected by the lenght? I cant use wireless, it needs to connect my Vonage phone and 1 or 2 computers. The internet cafe has a 256K connection.

What is the best setup to allow people to use our internet but not pose a security risk to our network?

We are a local fair and would like our vendors to have internet access on a daily or weekly basis. We don’t want them to be able to access our network. I would like to setup a password for each day of the week but would consider a per user password. It also needs to…

How can I determine the type of connection a client computer has to the network?

I need to come up with a list of conditions to determine the location of a client computer. Eventually I’ll need to be able to tell if the client is connected to our network from the office (private network), from VPN tunnel (virtual private network through SonicWall), or from any other outside network. What are…

How do I select multiple audio files at once?

I have a LG 830 phone. I can’t figure out how to select multiple audio files to transfer to the next phone. I tried hitting the green key, and the 0 key. I looked in the options menu and it doesn’t say anything to the effect of selecting multiple audio files to transfer via bluetooth.