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How do I get Quicktime to actually work?

Whenever I come across a page that has Quicktime plug-ins, they won’t play. There is just a picture of the Quicktime emblem that is broken. How do I fix this?

How much of a difference would gaming be if I bought an Nvidia 9800gt or gtx card?

I have a dual core processor. But I was thinking of overclocking it. However, the video card I have now is an nvidia 9500gt, Will I see that much big of a difference if I bought an nvidia 9800gt video card?

What specific province and city in the Philippines is this number is located? +639206217928?

I know it’s in the Philippines. And I know someone out there must have the technology to find out where this number is. Could you please fill me in? Just this once. I just really need to know.

What is the best graphics card on a budget?

I have $90 that I want to spend on a video card for my computer. I have a BTX form factor case, so large cards will not fit. Also my computer is a bit old and only has PCI Express 1. The computer is a dell dimension E521 with 3 gigs of RAM and integrated…

How to find websites that use a particular WordPress theme?

PS: I want to know if there are other websites out there on the Web that use a particular WP theme. I know the name of the theme.

How do I get my laptop to connect to the internet through a router?

I have set up the router already with the instructions. I looked for a wireless connection through my laptop and it still is’nt working. What should I do?

How do I reset Microsoft Word to be the download default instead of Microsoft Powerpoint?

Somehow the default has been changed to powerpoint and now every time I go to download something, it opens in powerpoint and is not able to be read. Please help me open any downloads with Word!

What happens when you hide a post you made on a friends Facebook timeline?

Let’s say I post something to my friend’s Facebook time line. I don’t want it to be a private message that is just for them, but I don’t want to have it on my timeline either. If I hide it from MY timeline does it automatically disappear from theirs as well?

What is the best way to advertise a retail website?

Please give actual things to do. I know about search engine optimization and all that. I want some actual concrete things to do.