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The value of coding, multiple languages (CS background) vs the value of Networking/Cloud skills (IT-Networking background) in the world of security?

Basically what I am trying to figure out is the path to take in the world of cyber security. My understanding is that certain roles/specialties in security will be more suited for those coming from a CS background and others will be more suited for those coming from a IT-Networking/Cloud background. I ask this because…

Hack the box

Any coupons link for hack the box vip?

SLA for Managed Service (CTI)

Hi There I am trying to onboard CTI feed for our SIEM. As part of the procurement process, I need to make sure that there are certain SLA`s which should be included in the contract terms for accountability of the managed service. Any thoughts which one should be listed there ? Any assistance will be…

Good RSS Feeds?

Does anyone have any recommendations for some good sites to receive news about the goings-on in the cybersecurity world?

Identity verification for user MFA reset

Occasionally, people ask to have their MFA factor(s) reset because they’ve lost them or left their device behind and urgently need access. Obviously, this is ripe for social engineering and identity verification is important. What we are doing today could use improvement. I’m curious what others have put into place to facilitate this identity verification…

Need some idea for implementing extra features alongside with a port scanner I am making in Python

By all means lets clear somethings up, this is not for malicious purposes an merely for education. I have background in programming in C# and other scripting languages. Currently, at my capstone for a degree and plan to go back for Cybersecurity. My intentions are all positive. Recently I just made a pretty cool salt…

Final year projects on cybersecurity

Suggest me an idea on a project related to cybersecurity which I can make and present during the end of my final semester.

No wonder companies keep getting breached… I think there is a fault at the processing plant? 🤔

No wonder companies keep getting breached… I think there is a fault at the processing plant? 🤔

How is this for a Computer Science curriculum with view to work in IT security afterwards?

Due to Corona my whole plans for studying this September are up in the air. I was due to start my bachelor in computer science this September but am rethinking the course I had previously decided on. I can in theory study in any university in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland. This is the three year curriculum…