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Informational interview with a CISO soon – How to ask the right questions?

Hello! So I’m not a security professional, but I work in IT and have studied the political and investigative aspects of cybersecurity from an academic perspective. I’m told that a junior role may be opening up where I work (large public enterprise) and I set up a meeting with the CISO to just have a…

Answering the Important Questions About IoT and Cybersecurity

We’ve reached a place in which IoT touches virtually everything in our entire existence — not only our home and work lives but our utilities (smart grids), hospitals (smart health monitors), military (smart weapons), and municipalities (smart cities) — to the point that we take this ubiquitous connectivity for granted. But we shouldn’t. Why? Because…

Question about Cloud computing and security pathways

Would someone with an i.t networking education and experience be suitable for cloud jobs or would someone with a background in software be more suitable? In terms of the transition. (CS, software engineering). Or both? Specifically cloud security. And does it matter whether it’s Iaas, saas or paas? Can the networking specialist transition to all…

Is this file safe?


PhonzyA!ml detected on my machine

Windows defender detected this trojan and while I was able to remove it (hopefully since I rescanned with both win defender and malwarebytes) it seems it had already done something to my computer, as in I was no longer able to establish a network connection to anything other than google, meaning that it had modified…

safe or not?


Live in California? Want to donate some time to get your car hacked?!

Hey! Anyone that owns a 2020 or 2021 (2021 PREFERRED) Honda vehicle, *&* lives in California (Central), please contact me! Comment below and I’ll likely PM you. Further research is to be conducted for the Honda vuln. Thank you!

Help getting started

I’m looking to hopefully get into cyber security in the future. What are some good resources to help myself get started, and more educated on the field.


Hi guys I have unfortunately given in to this .mocqs ransomware and all my work file and personal files are encrypted now. Need help from some asap. Pls if you know you could help me out a lot

Accounts being hacked

Early on today I got an email saying my twitter was logged into by some other device elsewhere in the country. I changed my password enabled 2FA and then scanned with virus total, Kaspersky and malwarebytes, the free versions. They all came up clean. I also used haveibeenpwned to check for data leaks and that…