June 9, 2021

Past Employer Got Hacked – What Now?

My previous employer of two years ago got breached. They sent me the following pre-formatted email:

We recently contacted you about the data security incident that occurred on February 13, 2021 at UL.  Although we are not aware of any evidence indicating your personal data has been sold or further misused, we are offering you 2 years of IdentityWorks.  The product includes the following features:

* **Internet Surveillance:**  Technology searches the web, chat rooms & bulletin boards 24/7 to identify trading or selling of your personal information on the Dark Web
* **Fraud remediation tips:**  Self-help tips are available on your member center

What would you do? The former employer in question is a public company based out of Canada with HQ in the US. Would you sue them?



It’s likely that your information was already out there before this.

It’s unlikely that an independent lawsuit is going to net you anything significant.

I’d take the monitoring and use it.


Probably not a bad thing to cover your ass with anything they’re paying for.

You probably don’t have local recourse against them (e.g. what’d your claim be? negligence? might be hard to prove), but if you want to be sure, you should talk to a lawyer.


This breach happened on February 13 2021 and they have just finally made me aware of the potential breach?

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