September 22, 2021

pc infected scrinject b trojan

hello friends. new to this subreddit here.

I am on Kaspersky Internet Security Premium and it has been suitably reliable thus far, and having it sort of emboldened me to visit sites I wouldn’t usually visit without this nifty thing. I also have the free versions of ESET and HitmanPro because I still get paranoid about not having a second/third opinion (despite hearing about false positives from having two antivirus applications and all that).


Yesterday, I visited some dubious sites and downloaded adult vids from there. No issues/detection from Kaspersky. I ran ESET to be sure. ESET then detected 1 malicious object: HTML/ScrInject b trojan, which I then removed using the application, turned off my pc, and paid no mind to it after.


Today, while sitting at my pc blankly staring at my twitter page, i noticed my twitter name was randomly changed to “out”. Startled, I immediately refreshed the page, and it then went back to what it was before. I know what I saw though, so I decided to run a scan using ESET, targeted at the particular folder the trojan was initially found in, under C drive/user. This time, ESET detected 3 malicious objects: all HTML/ScrInject b trojan, at different spots


To add, my initial ESET scan (with one identified malware) was a full system scan, with a total of 357048 objects scanned. My second scan, a targeted one at the files inside C/User instead of a full scan, turned up 623998 files (somehow more files than a full scan?!). I’m all sorts of paranoid now. Will reboot and run a full Kaspersky scan before another full ESET scan and update this thread.


could I get any thoughts or input on this (aside from telling me to stop visiting dubious sites which I’ve already taken to heart and learned my lesson)? Thank you


edit: after removing the 3 malware, did a reboot, ran kaspersky internet security for vulnerabilities scan and full scan – zilch.

ran eset after, and had 1 hit on html/scrinject B AGAIN. found inside Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache. kinda just want to just give up and delete everything inside that directory, idk. Could it be rootkit?



Im going on a limb and guessing these scrips were malicious ads on the sites you visited, its why its important to use an adblocker so they cant load.

And malware would go for your high value accounts, not some random social media account.


Wait, what? There’s a free version of ESET?


ehh don’t use multiple antiviruses it will decrease antiviruses is performance drastically.

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