January 19, 2021

Phone microphone access?

A long time ago I started to have problems with my phone mic randomly stopping working while I’m on a call and then starting to work again and same with recording voice memos sometimes. I thought it was just a problem with messenger and didn’t think much of it. Today I realized that it’s the same on other apps too.

I downloaded an app called Paranoia Access that checks when apps acces my camera or microphone and I was on a call and found out that whenever my microphone wasn’t working during the call, that app showed “Recorder on”. How can I check further which app used my microphone and is it possible that my phone is hacked? I’m switching phones in two days anyways but I’m scared.

Yesterday I disabled accessing my microphone for all the apps other than messenger so it couldn’t be any normal app I think



Based on your post, there really is no way to tell. generally, it is more likely to be a bug or hardware issue. while it is possible your device is compromised, This behaviour is not really in line with a compromised device. after all, if some malware is trying to record everything, it needs the mic to be in working order.

As a general rule:
don’t install apps you don’t need. Don’t grant apps any permissions they don’t need (deny them if they were previously granted). If you suspect a bad app, malware or another way your device is compromised, factory-reset your phone and check again – this is *generally* enough.

if it is a bug, a factory reset may help as well. – check if this is a common issue for your device/os.

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