September 14, 2021

Please guide me/suggest on what to do next – Cyber Security Aspirant!

Hello Everyone!

Before I get into it, I’d like to tell a bit about me and where I stand. I am an immigrant in Canada and has left my 6 years of non-IT career behind to start from scratch in IT and hoping to earn big bucks to change my & and my family’s life. Currently I am living paycheck to paycheck mostly and in no position to pay for a college degree, however I do have a Bachelor’s in Electronics & Communication Engineering back home from India.

I studied my @$$ off, saved money and got A+ CE so that people will at least interview me. I got lucky and landed an entry level role as a MS 365 Technical Support Analyst, which pays about as much as you’d expect from an entry level role.

Now I want some suggestion or at least some direction on how can I enter into Cyber Security. Being completely honest, I am interested mainly because 1. Security jobs pay well as compared to others and I am no good when it comes to coding so Software Engineering is out of the question 2. I have always been curious/fascinated with the subject of protecting PCs/Systems & to learn how compromising an IT infrastructure works.

**My skills:** I have completed studies for Network+, half course of CCNA & Security+ last year but had to leave everything as is because of a personal issue, and I couldn’t afford the certification exams anyways so. I have basic knowledge about Networking (LAN, VLAN, Firewalls, DNS, DHCP, Routing, WAPs, SSID Security, etc.), proficient with MS 365 services, proficient with Azure AD security components (Conditional Access, PIM, Encryption, Sensitivity Labels etc.), and a very basic knowledge of Linux.

I would really appreciate if any of you, let it be an industry veteran or someone who just go their first Cybersecurity job, guide me into making a plan/approach to what should be my next steps as I am confused. The more I keep googling, the more suggestions I keep getting. So far, according to google, I am supposed to be: An expert in Linux | Expert in Scripting | Expert in Networking | Expert in Automation (Dockers/Containers) | Expert in Cloud Computing, to get a job in Cyber Security.

I understanding I will have to invest in certifications and I am ready to manage that but I still can’t make a solid plan to peruse. I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, and I apologize for writing such a long post.

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