March 22, 2021

Please help.

Hello friends,

So I encountered a potentially malicious file in a way that a few others seem to have as well. I was downloading a mod for a game from the file sharing website mediafire. Like many of those websites, selecting the download button will download the file as well as launch an ad. This happened a few times and I closed the adds without issue (I know I should have used an ad blocker and am now doing so but too late this time) one of these ads opened a blank window that was present for 1-2 seconds then closed itself and downloaded an additional file on its own. This file was named fp_player.exe. Confused, I googled the file name and found shockingly few mentions of it at all but all the mentions seemed to confirm it as malware. Upon realizing this I attempted to copy it to a usb stick to upload on something like virus total in a safemode environment. I received an error message confirming that I wanted to copy the file because it had properties that could not be copied. So I cancelled the copy process, disconnected the Surface I was using from the network and then just deleted the file and empty the recycle bin at which point it appeared to just be gone. I ran windows defender and malware bytes scans both coming up with nothing at this point but I am having a hard time believing that getting rid of this malware was that easy. I also forgot to disable Bluetooth on my other devices in our place and am somewhat concerned the malware could have infected other machines on our network via Bluetooth. Anyone have any thoughts on this possibility or what should be done now? Should I wipe all of our systems to ensure it is not present on them?

Thanks for any input friends.



Its an fake flash player updater, as you deleted it youre fine.

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