It’s my first post on this Reddit, So please it’s my humble request to 3XXK Reddit members, your one advice will change my life

From childhood I failed my higher secondary school
I don’t have any degree back in 2017 I realized I need do something unique I got an interest in computer technology cybersecurity

I took one year technical support course from computer centre then worked two and half years like as an mobile computer technician

At the moment I got an chances to attend our state police cybersecurity conference that’s tremendously changed my life to pursue my career cybersecurity

I had big challenges because of money etc
My brother’s wanted me to a work some hotel they took visa to work middle East

Anyway I’ve been working at coffee shop like as an cleaning boy 84 hours weekly

I didn’t give up my goal my passion, at the would watch CompTIA A+ videos so English wasn’t my first language that’s why I didn’t understand most of word

One year later I could able to speak English little bit and I could able to understand English YouTube lectures
So I decided to take CompTIA A+ N+ S+ then so on

Finally in my life firstly I got professional certs CompTIA core 1
I’ve to pay for exam voucher

So I took core 2 on November 3 but unfortunately I failed

Here one important thing is every year I’ve to give 3200 $ to government for renewal residential ID (for living legally ) (not to mention accommodation or food only Id renewal fee

Anyway I decided to change my job immediately
Because this is not IT related even there’s no times to study for my certs . My ID will expire on 2022 January
I don’t have money to renewal

So only one way in front of me, I asked permission to boss for one week holiday to travel capital city of this country

On morning I came to here I went government IT office
To see officers to tell my story, if they would kind to me I’ll get anything IT related job so I could able to study and work hard for get my dream job

I told to them everything they told me wait few days
Because that’s government entities that’s not easy to someone hire

So I’ve been waiting for their response it’s already over 3 day’s

I’m so sad right the moment

So finally in front of me only one way that was this Reddit

So please please please 🙏

What should I do? Can I go back then re study for core 2 then N+ S+ or something another thing ?
Only your advices will work for me

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