August 27, 2021

Polyphone v2.2_win64.exe detected as malicious on VirusTotal… but only on one engine. And tech savvy redditors know what to do?

Hi, just wanted some advice on something. I downloaded the setup file for Polyphone. I’m sure I downloaded it from the official site [here.](

Before running the file I uploaded it to VirusTotal to see if anything would come up, in which case something did turn up. [VirusTotal results here.]( Oddly enough the same engine flared up when I tested the setup for UTAU.

A little googling says that SecureAge APEX sucks and that this is most likely a false positive, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Am I overreacting about this vague malicious tag, or is there actually something to worry about? Do I listen to SecureAge APEX and/or VirusTotal, or do I ignore this one bad result?

(also I tested the setup files for LMMS and MuseScore, and nothing turned up. Thought I’d bring that up incase it was important.)



I failed to proofread the title. lol


The fact its a single engine is more than enough to call it an false positive, and its not even considering the fact its an extremely agressive AI powered AV, which produces tons of false positives.

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