February 23, 2021

Potential land lord asks for SS scanned after getting SS#, W2 & tax return – risk of scanning SS card ?

We are looking at renting a town home in Seattle, WA. My husband submitted his SS#, the complex called and got my SS# over the phone, had me send in a W2 to verify last 4 digit and they’re saying their 3rd party site requires the actual social security card which requires me to send it via email to them (we are in san diego right now so cant bring it to the office). I offered facetiming her to show her it and they need the file. i offered to send our tax return with my social on it and they are saying they dont know if it will work and our application is pending even after paying our deposit. Whats the risk of sending in my social scanned? Is it worth fighting over this to lose the potential rental?

Im a public auditor so data security is for front in my mind they already have my social and then theyd have the full document to prove it is my social – all it would take is their email being hacked or the 3 rd part site to be hacked and my info is on the internet



Erm, I’ve never needed to provide any form of tax documentation in order to rent a home. At most a few paystubs and a social security number for credit pulls/background checks. To me, it seems like someone may be trying to defraud you of a tax refund by claiming it themselves.


IMHO a scan of your SS card is far too much, and something I had never been asked for when I was renting. The landlord has more than enough documentation from you to prove you are who you say you are.

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