January 5, 2021

Potentially exploitable SQLi vulnerability in Hacking forum NULLED.TO



Insert the string: “[email protected]”, leads to the server side SQL leak

– – mySQL query error: SELECT t.tid, t.last_post, t.forum_id FROM topics t WHERE t.forum_id IN (2,209,110,32,192,5,3,224,114,93,204,115,35,11,12,14,33,126,36,157,46,47,61,195,177,163,164,191,51,54,52,135,129,128,127,160,165,66,208,64,63,101,65,179,154,156,194,220,221,131,70,69,201,219,222,94,95,97,215,7,43,223,9,24,15,117,159,166,196,197) AND t.approved=1 AND t.topic_archive_status IN (0,3) AND MATCH( t.title ) AGAINST( ‘[email protected]’ IN BOOLEAN MODE ) AND t.state != ‘link’ ORDER BY t.last_post desc LIMIT 0,100

can you exploit it ;) ?



Sorry dude. This is not the place to be disclosing vulnerabilities.
Strongly suggest deleting before you get banned.

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