September 22, 2021

Practicing Linux labs on my work computer?

So a few weeks ago, my boss told me to start studying for a Linux certification, as my work would like me to have it. I will be taking the RHCSA and need to practice labs for it. I need to download VMWare and install a Linux VM so I can practice the labs, but my personal laptop is a Macbook and I don’t want the virtual machine to make it incredibly slow so I was thinking of using my Work laptop (the RAM on my macbook is 8GB, while it is 16GB on my work laptop).. but would this be a bad idea? I wanted to ask my boss but if it sounds like something I shouldn’t be doing (since it’s company property), I’m not even gonna bother.



If you work is expecting you to have a certification, they should be willing to ensure you have basic materials to complete it.

That said, I’ve run plenty of smaller/Linux-based labs on systems with 8GB of RAM. Windows would pose some problems but Linux shouldn’t. Just be careful about your RAM consumption.

If that doesn’t work or there are going to be several-simulatenous-VMs/Windows usage/etc. then sure, ask if you can use your work laptop or grab one for temporary learning with.


If your boss wants you to certify, they need to make sure you have the support, time, and tools to do it.

I’d have a discussion with them.

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