May 21, 2021

Privacy for “normal” web browsing? Practical?

Spent a couple weeks now researching privacy. I never intended to spend this much time on it, and it kills me a bit on the inside when I think about how much I could have accomplished if i spent that time on my usual projects.

I think the best resource on privacy is actually Whonix documentation: [](

It has an incredible amount of info on general privacy, and how TOR and Whonix tries to help, and advice on how to use these tools. But it’s a lot of info! Reading everything, and you kind of should read almost everything as well, could take.. weeks possibly. And you have to actually absorb it all and learn, not just read.

And then there are guidelines such as “don’t maximize the TOR browser because it worsens your fingerprint”, and that’s just not practical at all. I can agree to such guidelines if I was doing something very important and there would be serious consequences for my actions, but I just want privacy, I don’t want sites like Reddit, Google, and other data brokers, advertise companies, etc to know more about me than even I know about myself. Just think back on that time where the guy who owns Reddit was being interviewed on TV and he actually said he was collecting data on all the users, and knows all the accounts every person owns, and knows what they like and don’t like, and everything they said etc. It’s sick, and the reporter thought so too which was obvious from the look she gave him.

Other guidelines are that you should keep your sessions to a site as short as possible. Go there, do what you came to do, then turn off TOR browser, switch circuit, wait 10 secs, restart TOR.

I mean that’s again, just not practical for regular web browsing.

Another ridiculous guideline: If you’re going to do any private web browsing, then make sure you have your phone and any other smart devices in a different room otherwise you can be deanonymized by ultrasound.

And the list just go endlessly on with completely impractical guidelines if you want to keep your privacy.

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