Been looking over [ProductivityTab]( in the Chrome Web Store, which from an immediate glance looks legit. However when you did a bit more into the chrome extension things get sketchy. I’m curious if anyone here has heard anything specific or sees something that I missed.

**First thing** suspicious is the lack of information on the Chrome Web Store page. While not generally a red flag, what caught my attention was the strange [street address]( under the developer info. This looks to be an apartment complex and while the thought of a independent dev working at home did cross my mind; The lack of other information supplied, while still listing an apartment street address, really concerned me.

**The Second thing** I noticed was the website []( has no content.. The entire website consists of a single picture, a [Terms of Service]( page, a [Privacy Policy]( page, and install links (Not linking these for safety). Both the TOS and PP had their own areas that were worrying, however at the bottom of the PP there is Contact Information, which has the email [“[email protected]](mailto:”[email protected])”. When visiting []( there are many of the same concerns, however I have not dug heavily through yet.

**Third**, there is no developer information anywhere near the extension. It took going through the []( page to find a company name that I could search that returned results. After some quick Googling I found [THIS]( page.

I took a break once reaching that page to post this but will continue to dig and post what I find. If any of you guys have input please share!

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