July 14, 2021

Pursuing Cybersecurity Bachelor’s after 5 years in software quality assurance, with a year of incident management and some programming experience. Will technical experience help me after graduation?

I’ve been working in tech mostly in software quality assurance for 5 years. I did a year of incident management. Have done some programming depending on the needs of where I worked. I make 85k a year where I am now. But I’m getting burnt out in QA, I don’t see myself doing this in 5 years. I don’t feel people take QA seriously. I’m really excited about Cybersecurity and being able to protect sensitive data. It’s much more interesting to me and maybe a better long term path.

I start a Bachelors program in Cybersecurity next month (have an associates) so will be done in about 2 or so years (doing online while I work full time if I can handle that much work for a few years). As part of the program you also earn comptia cert and another (can’t remember which one now).

With a technical background, a degree, and certs how do you think things will look for me? And salary wise will my experience help me? Will my skills transfer?

I think at first I may take a paycut in security compared to what I make now, but the ceiling is higher in cybersecurity compared to QA and it’s more interesting to me.

Could use some words of encouragement and insights I may not have thought of. It’s hard to think about spending the $ on school, working full time, etc. But I’m newly divorced and my ex-husband was not supportive of me going to school so I’m ready to invest in myself finally. Want to take advantage of the momentum!

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