March 24, 2021


Finally got got better job after being on the job hunt for about 4 months solid. Probably had about 15-20 interviews. The majority happening AFTER I added my virtual homelab and taking off a useless 3month job.

What I gathered from those interviews, even the ones I didn’t get selected is that employers were either surprised, impressed, or never seen anyone put that on their resume. They said it made me look like a curious and technically advanced individual they thought about adding to the team…..I don’t have the most experience but the facts I had certs + homelab = a curious tech savy person that’s ready to learn anything.

That alone put me in the final round with a dude that had way more experience than so that’s pretty cool. Another position I didn’t selected for was due to obtaining a clearance which the other guy had so out of convenience they picked him even though they liked me….bullshit right?

Other things I gathered are…..
– to just apply even though you don’t meet the requirements
– modify your resume I did depending on how likely I thought I’d actually get selected for it
– zoom interviews are convenient but background & attire still matter
– certs are good but you gotta be able to talk the talk

Landed an IT position for a major food production center in my area with many many opportunities.

Keep grinding, keep studying and it’ll all work out.

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