March 29, 2021

Pysa Ransomware Gang Targeting Education Sector – SpamTitan

Pysa Ransomware Gang Targeting Education Sector – SpamTitan



I’m surprised education, especially public schools, don’t get targeted more often.

It’s a common theme that you hear all the time

* The “IT” person at the highschool was the librarian who thought turning off the monitor shut down the PC


* They actually had an IT person (note, PERSON, singular)

* but was so underfunded that they were still running Windows XP or Windows 7 in 2019, or daisy-chained 5 port netgears in the data closet as a “switch”

* The IT person spent most of their time fixing dumb user issues and password resets.

* The IT person was basically an IT grunt and didn’t have the knowledge or ambition to actually design a proper network or security platform.

Mix all of that with tech-illiterate teachers that don’t even want to use computers in the first place and kids doing stupid shit all the time; it’s a recipe for disaster.

When I was in highschool (late 00’s) there was a content filter, that was bypassed with simple DNS proxies. Everyone knew how to use it. Students also had a generic AD account to use, a single one to be shared by hundreds of students. We couldn’t install software to the machines, but could run software from USB devices….so everyone had a flash drive with HALO or Starcraft executables on it. Yes, the librarian was our “IT” person.

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