January 5, 2021

Question about data security when using software remotely

Hello, I would appreciate if someone could help with security issue at particular workplace.

Facility X uses Windows software in client – server architecture within a local network with a mass of sensitive data. People who are at workplace, connect via clients to database server – client machines don’t store any data. We know it’s safe. But my question is how to protect against potential data breach when you want to use this software remotely? I specifically think about 2 alternatives . Should you connect through a VPN, set RDP session and use the program installed on the machine in the workplace – then I understand the sensitive data doesn’t go outside work network – or maybe the VPN alone is enough and the program can be installed on the computer from which you are connecting and which queries the database available at a specific ip address in the network at work. As I understand then, the data also doesn’t go beyond the work network, which is extended by a remote computer, but the remote computer is also connected to the Internet – in this case through its local home network, so in total quite safe, but still. Besides, the data physically travels through the vpn tunnel, in contrast to the VPN + RDP set, where only video data travels…

If RDP doesn’t add that extra safety then I don’t see a point to use it, since network latency increases.

I’ll add that the data is very sensitive – it is medical data.

Since I’m no expert, maybe I got a little confused in my description, if so, correct my understanding.

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