January 5, 2021

Question about iPhone security.

Hello everyone and happy new year, this is my first post in this community, I just wanted to ask a question and hear out the thoughts of more experienced and tech savvy people.

The past few weeks I am getting paranoid that my iPhone (X, iOS 14.3) has been hacked by a third party, I am going to list the reasons why I think this is untrue below but I am just asking you in order to find peace of mind and not worry about it anymore.

What I am concerned about is if someone is listening to my conversations through my microphone that he is activating remotely and recording me. I don’t have anything to hide but I just feel anxious about having my privacy invaded.

I have spent quite a few hours researching the topic and these are the reasons I think that justify that my phone has NOT been hacked, if I am wrong on any of these, please correct me.

Looking forward to your responses and also to more ideas of what else I should check in order to be sure.

So these are the examples I have found so far but I am still feeling anxious about it so feel free to add to the list.

why iphone x isn’t hacked:

1. ios 14 jailbreak not out till recently/ iphone x limited (nobody has touched my phone the past 2 months and even before I was present)
2. needs physical access from third party/application to be installed through malicious link sent to an email/text message etc
3. phone shows signs of performance issues (battery drain, overheat, apps crashing)
4. unsual apps would be within the phone and user would be able to locate these either through phone’s storage, or battery’s usage
5. no signs of compromised data
6. network usage would be higher (sending data to the server, checked through mobile date usage)
7. can’t have passcode if the device is jailbroken because it does not have SEP bypass

Thank you very much for your time you are putting in this to help me out.

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