May 27, 2021

Question about Linkedin recruiting

Hi, I’ve been on the job hunt now for over 6 months with very little luck. I was never a big social media guy, but I had a Linkedin account from roughly two years ago. I’ve been avoiding that and all social media like the plague but two days ago I decided why not, maybe I’ll give it a shot to aid in my search.


I just graduated, so I updated it entirely and have already had several recruiters reach out to schedule calls/interviews. I just want to know – is this legit? It almost seems too good to be true and I really have no experience using Linkedin to job hunt. I’ve verified the company and positions and the recruiters all seem to be human beings. I just didn’t expect anyone to actually reach out to ME let alone this quickly. The only other odd thing is that all of the positions deal with threat hunting/AI. Whereas before I got a lot of bug bounty offers (not really what I’m looking for) I hope this isn’t kind of in the same vein.


Thank you for your time, hoping someone can either put me at ease or steer me away.



I’ve had mixed results. Some messages seem automated based on language but others are legit. I use the LinkedIn job search feature to find postings that I’m interested in and then go to the specific company website and search for that position. That’s how I found my job as an infosec analyst. Hope this helps and good luck with your search.


Its legit. Do not worry. Lot of head-hunters are using linked-in because with premium account you can narrow search for specific candidates. It’s like worlds largest CV base. I am also getting offers 2-3 per month.


I can only say from my perspective – If I had been hunting for 6 months with no luck I would CAUTIOUSLY give it a try. I’m sure LinkedIn will be also all about algorithms and engine searching BUT there are real people on the other side and I think it is worth just looking what’s it about. It is a specific place that WILL HELP you if you have some connections and all people have to do is just Share your post or whatwver rather than apply to each job seperately so it is easier in this regard.

Give it a go, what’s the worst that can happen?


LinkedIn is legit and is used by recruiters in almost every industry now. Recruiters use it to try to proactively find talent and to advertise openings. There may be some automated emails that they send based on keywords/factors in your profile/Resume/CV is you’ve uploaded those items. This is typically a premium feature they pay LinkedIn for as a way to automate parts of their talent search. As with any company, do your research on the company and research employees of the company on LinkedIn. There are some scams out there, but they typically aren’t too difficult to weed out with some basic research on LinkedIn and other sites.

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