May 26, 2021

Question regarding degree title and future jobs

Posted this on r/cscareerquestions and got absolutely zero help

Hello, I am currently a junior in the Computer Science program at Oregon State University, attending “in-person” (zoom) classes. This may sound convoluted, but the title of the degree that I have been pursuing is as follows: “Applied Computer Science: Web and Mobile Application Development with a focus in Security”

I have decided that I am going to move back to the east coast to be closer to my family, and luckily OSU has a fairly prolific online degree program that will allow me to finish my studies on the other side of the country. The one caveat to this is that they do not offer Web and Mobile Application Development purely through online classes; they only offer CyberSecurity and some kind of CS/Business hybrid which I am not interested in. I AM interested in CyberSecurity (hence the “focus” part of my original degree) but I know very very little about it compared to traditional programming/SWE.

My main question is this: **Would it be possible to apply for traditional SWE jobs if I don’t like cybersecurity?** I am thinking I could just list my degree as “Applied Computer Science” and just leave off the “CyberSecurity” part, but having never held a job in the industry I am not sure whether this would fly. I would love to hear any thoughts that you have regarding the situation, and if any of you are Security people I would love some online resources to learn more about the field.

TLDR – Could a CS graduate whose degree says Cybersecurity get a Dev job?

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