April 16, 2021

Question regarding malware contained within videos downloaded using an online converter.

I’ve downloaded some videos from YouTube using mylinkconverter, when I scan the files from my downloads folder using Kaspersky it reads “2 files scanned”, and when I move the file to another folder and scan it again it reads “1 file scanned”. Could this hint toward malware contained with the file? The converter is a https link which would suggest that it is safe, but there are a lot of pop-ups and Kaspersky blocks a lot of downloads citing high probability of unwanted software download.



seriously if you are lurking this sub… please just use youtube-dl.

https does not mean safe.


Just because something is HTTPS doesn’t mean it’s safe. HTTPS just means the data moving between you and the website is encrypted. Nothing more, nothing less.

Free conversion and ESPECIALLY youtube-to-mp3 type sites are a pretty common hotspot for malicious folks. After all, you’re absolutely going to download and run whatever they want you to, even if it’s masked as a mp3 or something.

mylinkconverter might be fine, but I’m not familiar with it enough to know. If Kaspersky isn’t triggering it specifically for being malicious you might be fine. When you download a file from the internet, it first creates a temporary file and when it finishes is the actual file you wanted. That would explain the 2 followed by 1 you’re seeing.

tl;dr: You’re fine. HTTPS isn’t what you think it is. Becareful what you download.

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