Hello everyone,

I’ll make this short and to the point. I have a meeting with my manager here shortly about my career path and how he can help me achieve these goals. I’m currently at a Jr. Sys admin role (unofficial title, but it’s esstially what I’m doing in terms of responsibilities) and would appreciate any feedback on my current plan before I go to him for further refinement. This is a manager who has been in the IT field for close to 35 years, in positions both high and low with a decent handful of experience for most venues for IT.

My current plan in order is this:

A+ cert (I’m past this and really just need to take the test to get it)

Net+ cert

Sec+ cert

CCNA cert

CCNP cert

CISP cert

IACRB Certified pen tester cert

Ethical hacker cert

CEPT cert

OSCP cert

I’m still young in the IT industry and am shooting for a pentesting job as my end goal. I know I’m not going to get there overnight and have no issues working my way up to it through entry-level cyber sec jobs.

I currently have no official college degree (a semester short of an associate degree), and from talking with many connections in the cyber security field in general and pen testing specifically it seems to be a mixed bag on what people think about going further than an assoicates.

This is still my rough draft of an idea for Certs and a general plan. I have no official clue when I should start applying for entry-level sec jobs when I start getting the certs. But more importantly, I would love any form of criticism or input from those already in the cybersecurity field on what you feel is necessary, order I should shoot for, or even general tips that you would feel would be helpful for me to modify my goals or improve myself to get into the field officially.

Thank you.

Edit: While I would appreciate this being towards me specifically from what I’ve given, if you have anything to contribute, that may help someone who stumbles upon this. Please add it. I’d rather there be info in here to help more than just me if you can help it. We all know the struggle of just starting out and looking for anything to help get over that initial bump of planning your path.

Edit 2: I should mention these are both short-term and long-term goals. I have a mentor who has been helping me develop my skills, but in terms of career planning, he hasn’t been able to help me too much outside of a list of certs to try and get assisting with me making connections to get my foot in the door. A couple of you have mentioned that it’s a bit out of order, but that would be why.

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  • AltDogBarkBarkBark

    January 15, 2022

    CISP or CISSP?

    CISSP is a managerial cert. The other stuff is technical. It seems out of order, like, are you going tech or management?

  • ShameNap

    January 15, 2022

    That’s pretty ambitious.

    I think you would be better spent dividing your time a bit. Certifications don’t mean that much other than (a) to do something before you have experience, and (b) to get past recruiters and HR people to get real interviews.

    So I would take some of that time and invest it into real activities, and into networking. Find your local ISC2 or isaca or whatever cyber security groups there are in your area and network. Basically diversify your efforts.

  • ReverendLeandro

    January 15, 2022

    You’re doing way too much, certs aren’t the end all be all to be successful in cyber. Get your ccna, sec +, and OSCP then apply to cyber roles. You might be able to grab a pen testing role out the gate, if not pursue a analyst role then transition into a pen test role. You already meet the IT experience requirement a lot of the roles require.


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