April 1, 2021

Questions regarding my career moving forward, 18 years old in cybersecurity.



I am currently 18 years old and nearing the end of high school. My school has an IT program and has been willing to pay for my certifications, of which I’ve gotten the A+, Network+, Linux+, Security+, CySA+, Cloud+, and am currently studying for the OSCP. After having done dual enrollment (college courses in high school), I’ve realized that it’s all a waste of time and I’m not going to pursue college because after tallying up the amount of useful courses versus useless in CS, it’s about 50/50. Why would I pay an overpriced business for information that is useless to me? (calculus, physics, history, chemistry, linear algebra) I know degrees are useful etc but I think that with the extra 4 years and saved $, I could be better off.


I want to hear the opinions of people in the field, and I hear that help desk is a good way to learn but I’ve been doing things at home such as home boxes, setting up a Active Directory Domain at school, learning about how devices work together and independently (mostly from OSCP studies) and think I already know the basics that help desk would teach. I like to think I am nice with people so customer service training shouldn’t be an issue. Also, I hear from multiple subreddits regarding IT careers that help desk can be an infinite trap, and that it’s better to start off a Junior systems administrator. Based off all of your experience, what do you all think I should do from here; ie what would YOU do in my position?

Thanks for your time, have a great rest of your day!

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