July 15, 2021

Quick poll: on removing career content from this subreddit

Hey folks! Following up on the [feedback](https://www.reddit.com/r/cybersecurity/comments/okbvxg/too_many_career_questions_in_this_sub/) we received from the community yesterday, the sentiment was clear: repetitive career questions on this sub are annoying for members, and are detracting from members’ enjoyment and productivity on this subreddit. As u/Benoit_In_Heaven put it:

>Agree, the signal to noise ratio here is really bad. Tons of career advice and exam prep threads, very little interesting content.

We hear you – it’s time for a change! The next question is: what’s the ideal state that the community feels this subreddit needs to *get* to? The feedback here was a bit more mixed – some responders feel that questions should be redirected to other subreddits in totality, while others feel that the crux of the issue is the frequent “how do I get into cybersecurity?” or similar beginner-level career questions, etc.

To help us figure out the next steps, I’ve put together a poll which details what could go, or what could stay. So, tell us what you’d like (or comment if there are options I’ve missed!) – then we’ll make sure the rules/bots/etc. get tuned to implement the community’s vision for this subreddit. :)

Please keep in mind that for anything that’s ‘removed’ – we’ll figure out a way to make sure the people asking get help, but that it wouldn’t happen in posts or threads here.

[View Poll](https://www.reddit.com/poll/ol0b0l)



Wish I could pick more than one

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