From what I understand:


Wouldn’t it be possible for a malicious hacker to get player IPs from a video game company’s servers and use them to create a botnet and DDOS giant organizations? I would feel like there’s at least one smaller gaming company out there that doesn’t have high end security in order to defend against IP leaking.


I hope I used correct terminology and please correct me if any info I said here is wrong. Still learning

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  • xAlphamang

    November 12, 2021

    Botnet and DDoSing services requires _control_ of a users machine.

    Hypothetically this would be possible if there was some sort of CVE or Remote Code Execution vulnerability in a video game, in which case when a user is playing it their machine would be vulnerable/part of the botnet.

    But, uh, what you’re suggesting is very unlikely.

    I also want to just say that having someone’s IP address doesn’t really _do_ anything for an attacker. It’s like a mailing address. It’s just publicly available. You can’t just DDOS something or something just by collecting IP addresses.


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