June 19, 2021

Ransomware attack

This morning, I received a call from my sister, who informed me that her computer had been attacked by ransomware, and that a payment of $700/$490 (within 72 hours) was needed for the key. I was able to trace down the .exe malware that was used to spread the virus, through analysis I was able to remove it all, but the files were still encrypted with the extension IQLL. I’ve tried a few things (Safe mode, Photorec, Reset PC, Emsisoft, and so on), but none of them have worked so far. Is there anyone who knows how to decrypt these files legitimately?



Depends on the type of ransomware. Some have decrypt tools out there. However most do not. Unless you had the malware and were adept at reverse engineering, you can’t do anything.

Even if you could reverse the malware, if the author is any good, you’re out of luck.

You’re only hope is likely paying or restoring the important things from a cloud backup.

Regardless of the outcome, please have your sister use cloud storage for backup. Microsoft, Google, and Apple all have good options that are better than losing your info.


Try the site below and see if you can find the decryption key you need.


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