March 28, 2021

Realistically how easy is it for someone to access my web camera, and what can I do to prevent it (aside from covering the lens)?

I’m wondering how easy is it for a hacker, or anyone random, to access my web camera without my knowledge and if the light indicator (lights up when the camera is in use) will activate when it’s being accessed like that. Also is there any software (I’m using Bitdefender) or something I can do to protect my laptop?

I bought a tiny cover from Amazon but it still covers the screen and the laptop doesn’t completely close. It’s not the end of the world, but I thought I’d ask. I read online a couple of articles, but I don’t know which ones are valid and which ones are aimed to cause panic.



It more depends on if you are a target. If you are average Joe from the street and nothing to hide, you are good. This is also on the assumption that you are not downloading and clicking shady shit. If you are a high profile target, you are pretty much screwed.

Note: web cam light indicator doesn’t help if your Webcam has been hacked. Just assume it is always hacked and move on with life.


The only way this is practically achievable is if your machine gets infected my some malware which is designed to use your camera. I would make sure you have a reasonable antivirus installed with real time protection and you keep it’s definitions up to date. If you want to go further than that you can get a router with built in intrusion detection. Make sure you are also using a software firewall.

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