January 21, 2021

Recent Grad: New Job & Facebook Cyber Interview

I am starting my job next week as a security engineer, I’ll get experience with a ton of different technologies with a generous salary and benefits (just over six figures in a big city) in the MT time zone. I just got a call back from Facebook for a security engineering/analyst position for a 4 hour team interview following up 2 interviews I had with the screener and hiring manager. The Facebook position is in the EST time zone, they want a 4 hour block between 9AM to 3PM EST, and I will be working from 11PM to 7PM for my current job I’ve got locked down since I am in EST at the moment.

The place I have lined up now is definitely awesome, a lot of the people that work there end up at big tech, the work is super interesting, almost no downsides other than the fact that it is not a name you would know off the bat. On the other hand, Facebook is the IVY league stamp of approval for anyone in tech and the pay would be presumably even better and I’d be surrounded by more talent.

What do you guys make of this? How do I go about scheduling the 4-hour interview with Facebook in the midst of my first few weeks which would require at least 2 hours off of work? Is Facebook worth the hassle? Thoughts?



Serious question (for someone just starting a degree in cyber security while working as an engineer) what have you done as a recent grad to make yourself so desirable?

Honest question.

Also personally I’d let you new boss know now you need a day off. You shouldn’t have to justify it. Then take the interview and go to Facebook if you get it, if the work is genuinely on a par or better than what you have.

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