April 11, 2021

Recommendation of AV with the most accuracy of detecting malwares?

Just as the title suggests. Do you guys have any recommendations?



Your brain, aka common sense, learn how to avoid malware in the first place and you got the best antivirus in the industry, all malware relies on the human element to infect users, heres some tips:

* keep your system and applications up to date,
* watch out for phishing emails/texts (always check the URL),
* avoid cracked/torrented/pirated and other illegal software
* use an standard user account
* Use an adblocker (never buy anything from ads, let alone click them, this is especially true on social media)
* Enable Ask where to save files before downloading in your browser to prevent drive by attacks
* Sandbox your browser using Sandboxie
* Disable unneeded features like Poweshell and windows script.
* Never open random email links or attachments, if an document you open want you to enable macros/editing, just dont (also never enter any personal information into documents)
* If an site/email/pop up/notification is telling you that youre hacked/have malware, or otherwise want you to call an number or want you to install some software, its bogus.
* Never allow sites to send you notifications
* Dont rush trough installing software, always see what yorue accepting first’

Antivirus software is meant as a last line of defense, incase the human brain fails to recognize danger

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