As a general disclaimer, I have no tech background and originally intended a completely different career path focused on international affairs/development, so please excuse my ignorance, lack of knowledge and any simplifications I may produce. Also, my question goes a bit beyond cybersecurity, so I hope this is still the right forum.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been working on the European public policy / regulatory issues relating to digital technologies, such as AI, data sharing, cybersecurity, network infrastructure to name a few. I’ve found it quite fascinating and would love to learn more of the technical elements, particularly to determine if I want to shift career paths, but I’m not quite sure where or how to start.

What I’m looking for is a resource that could give a general impression of what the digital/tech career paths, for instance cybersecurity specialist, software development, network engineer, data analyst etc., would entail and get a sense of whether it is something I’d enjoy. I’m in my mid/late 20s and I’m not sure whether I want to commit just yet to a computer science degree (or even sure if that is the best initial approach). I would greatly appreciate any recommendations that could be shared.

I’m considering a career shift as my current line of work is quite location dependent (i.e. EU, in particular capitals) but my wife has a fantastic job that will likely involve moving to different countries/continents. My impression is that tech jobs are in demand and not as location dependent, so this would mesh well with my family’s situation. Even more of a stretch, a tech career could perhaps eventually be combined with my policy/development background into work concerning digital development, particularly in LEDCs where my wife’s work might take us.

TDLR: I’m considering a career shift into tech but I’m not sure where is the best place to start in order to assess in which direction to go (cybersecurity, networks, software development, data etc.) and would greatly appreciate any recommendations. Thank you for your time, consideration and help!

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