January 20, 2021

Red team side hustle

So I found a similar question to this one, where a guy with no IT or cybersecurity experience was asking about getting an OSCP and grabbing pentest freelance work. Everyone pretty much told that guy to F off lol. I work in cybersecurity, and have an IT background, I do mostly risk management and audit type work. I enjoy what I do even though its not technical, and the money is really good (defense contractor cleared work) so I dont plan on getting out of it. Iv pretty much maxed out my resume in all the ways i need to for my work, so I was gonna pursue the OSCP out of personal interest. I figured the red team mind set would make me a stronger defender anyway, plus it could be a lot of fun. So with someone with a blue/white team cyber security background like myself, could I land freelance pentest work? like is their work out there that big pentest companies arent taking up the market on? Also if I need some experience in pentesting on my resume first I could probably grab a couple cleared 1099 DoD jobs here and there to get some real world experience, but like I said im not looking to Red team full time, Im actually looking to move into management ISSM/CISO roles eventually. Just looking if i could feasibly bring in a little extra income doing jobs.

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