May 18, 2021

Salary Negotiation for cyber security engineer position

I’m in a niche but rapidly growing and highly visible area (in certain industries) of cyber security. I recently applied for a job directly and is offered the position at my asked salary range. Side note: the internal recruiter made a point to let me know my expected salary range is outside their initial budget.

The reason for this post is- I am currently in a no-state-income-tax state. The company wanted me to relocate (at my own expense) and I agreed to it when I talked to their internal recruiter if they are open to wait for me to relocate until end of next year (2022). What I didn’t know when I talked to the recruiter about relocation and expected salary range is that since the position is tied to their office location, I will be subjected to that state’s income tax even though I’m not living their yet.

Now what I’m wondering is – is it possible to negotiate the salary based of off this (misunderstanding on state tax) and the other benefits which is somewhat lack-luster compared to my current company.

Or will it be a bad etiquette since I was the one who gave them the salary expectation and they came back with the exact number?

I also have another offer on the table. Even though I really like the location (international), company & culture, it’s not the right time for my family for this one.



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