January 14, 2021

Samsung note hacked

So lots of stuff has happened where I know for sure that my phone is being remotely controlled. Recently a security camera I have slightly altered it’s angle like it would if used it’s program but I did not do it. That sort of movment creates an event in the app too as any sort of movment does, even if it is done by the person using the app. There was none. Also twice today that app opened by itself while I was listening to music. There was no movement and even if there it would only create a notificiation bubble not automatically open. These are only the most recent events but I could go on about these sorts of things. Some of them pretty significant like a nickname of a person in a group chat being changed by my phone while I was working and it was locked in my pocket. Then a few days later a different chat having the color theme changed by itself while my phone was on the counter. Or my phone making a call to someone while I was holding it in my hand not pushing anything, or a link to a website I have never been to randomly being inserted into a message and sent when I definetly did not copy and paste anything . Things that I never had happen to me before. On top of the person doing that being aware of stuff I talk about to people through text or messenger. Have done all the regular checks for spyware, restoration of phone, ect. Not sure how this is possible, how they would even get a hold of this sort of software, or why it is worth their time to spy on me so much other than just wanting to try to mess with me? I know people do not think this is possible or it is highly unlikely. This has been happening to me for a while now though. Even if it is rare what can I do to find out how it is being done? This kind of stuff is not just random paranoia

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