September 8, 2021

Scared of potential SOC role

I’ve been looking for a new job for months now, and have made it to the final stages of a SOC Analyst role for a small remote based company. The issue is, my last role as a SOC analyst was an absolute nightmare, and I feel I’m seeing some parallels in this company.

In a nutshell, my previous role as a SOC Analyst had me overworked, harassed, hazed, and at some points fearing for my physical safety. I obviously high-tailed it out of that role and have been looking for another entry into the cybersecurity world since.

This company I’m interviewing has tons of similarities:

– Startup ✅
– Lack of smart processes automation **(but this company is upfront about it & has said exactly what they’re doing to improve)** ✅
– “We need people who don’t require a lot of mentoring.” ✅
– “We have an hourly alert quota and no room for error.” ✅
– No benefits besides healthcare & 14 days PTO. ✅

Also, the CEO said some weird things in my final interview:

* **”We would expect a two year commitment from hire. A promise, not a contract.”**
* **”We (the leadership team) are all former first responders, so you have our assurance that we have the moral compass to treat our employees right.”**

The only differences are these guys pay a fair salary and allow remote work. So, I’m definitely interested, but I’m very, very scared of SOC work after my last job. **What’s also weird I would be the most senior analyst on their team and I barely have one year of experience!** – I don’t know if I should be excited or scared from that.

The biggest thing that irked me was that the SOC Lead stated he wanted people who didn’t need a lot of mentoring. He sounded like his current team asked too many questions – which I understand. But I want a company who is there to support me if I need help.

This will be my third job this year, and I really need a role I can stay in for a long time. I can’t have another nightmare company.

What do I look out for? What questions should I ask? How do I know if SOC work is right for me?



I don’t know much about SOC work in general (I’m in more of a compliance-oriented role), but it sounds like this particular job probably isn’t for you.

If you can afford to take the time to look elsewhere, do.


give it a shot and keep looking. if you like it, stay. if you don’t, just move on. it’s usually easier to find employment if you are already employed.


If your gut is telling you something’s not right, listen to it. Taking this job and then having to quit in a very short period of time or, worse, staying and being miserable because you don’t want to be perceived as a risk to a future employer would suck for a lot of reasons.

The one caveat I’ll add is that I’m making the assumption that the job market is decent where you are. If not, then it may be worth considering taking it until you find something better.


Am I the only one who found SOC work pretty chill most of the time? Maybe if you’re getting a load of junk alarms and are making no efforts to filter out False Positives.

> What’s also weird I would be the most senior analyst on their team and I barely have one year of experience! –

Yeah I’d be scared about this lol

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