January 20, 2021

Security issues with two separate accounts, have I been hacked?

So yesterday I was tagged in a tiktok post that was obviously fraud. One of those “You’ve just won a FREE iPhone 11!!”, so I went to the user that made the video and blocked them, but then I got a notification from tiktok that someone logged into my account from a Samsung device. I have an iPhone, so I freaked out. I immediately reset my password. I didn’t think much of it after the fact cause I don’t really care about my tiktok account and social media’s get hacked all the time.

Later the same day I get a notification that someone is trying to log into my twitch account. I got the email for the 2FA. I immediately changed the password for my twitch account as well, but the fact that these two incidents happened within hours of each other creeped me out and got me thinking.

My tiktok account is only on my phone and uses my main email address. My twitch account is only used on my computer and uses a secondary email account, with the main email listed as the backup. If the hacks are related, does that mean that my emails were probably hacked? Or they could just be two separate coincidental events.

Since then I’ve changed both email passwords and revoked access to all devices, I’ve also change all my bank passwords just in case. I ran avast on my computer and Norton on my phone for malware and they didn’t find anything.

I would like to know if I’ve done enough if this is a real problem and how to prevent things like this from happening in the future.

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