January 19, 2021

Security+ Studying?

I am really struggling with trying to learn all the content for the security+ exam. I do not have a set test date yet, but wanted to take it in the next few weeks. I am looking for any sort of advice to help retention of the information.

I have always done better learning in a classroom environment. But, I am relying on self control to study on my own. As of now I have made several hundred index cards based off the objectives listed on their website. I went through the “Security+ Get Certified, Get Ahead” book and made flash cards off all the objectives and acronyms listed, and broke them down by the 6 domains. But, this is just so overwhelming. With nearly 100 cards on each domain, it is a lot to take in.

I’ve also watched several Professor Messer video playlists which break down each concept of the test visual, which has helped. But, it is still very difficult to maintain the vast breadth of knowledge this way too.

I have taken several practice tests, online tests and assessments to determine where I am weak/strong. But, I am not sure if I should focus on reaching workable knowledge of my weak areas, or complete mastery of my strong areas.

The job I took requires me to get Sec+ within 6 months and its been about a month now and I am just a bit overwhelmed and it’s quite intimidating. I am doing fine with the job, so I spend some time at work studying, but I know I can definitely be more efficient with my studying techniques. Any and all advice/criticism would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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