January 12, 2021

Sextortian and Possible Hack

Please let me know if this is not the best subreddit for this.

May be nothing but here’s the details. This is different than the anonymous emails etc people often refer to.

Was having a casual online relationship with someone. Mostly friendly, but you know, a little naughty at times.

A few days ago they said if I go to their dropbox there was a video for me. I watched a bit of the video, but actually felt bad and left the dropbox quickly (so I signed in with their credentials and they sent me the phone verification code on Instagram It’s a all a blur and the drop box was in in Russian but definitely clicked on some links in the dropbox in addition to watching the video0.

I’ve sent them a little $ via PayPal here and there and this time they said they wanted to borrow money saying I would have it back tomorrow, I said no way,enough was enough I knew I was getting played. They said ok, last communication on Instagram you’ve offended me…Then I get a PayPal request for about $400 saying they ‘have my data’ and will share it with all my contacts tell everyone..blah blah. Message was Short but sweet as it was a note in the PayPal message.

I deleted my Insta and shut down my PayPal, changed all my passwords on social media and stopped all communication (we’d have a 20 minute conversation every couple of weeks about life etc, but they always gave sob stories looking for money) and I’m a empathetic guy and was just giving them some help as it was not a lot of money to me, but a lot to them.

I wouldn’t be at all concerned except afraid there’s been bad stuff installed on my computer since accessing the dropbox and the reference “I have your data”

I am not techy. But I ran Eset security. No problems found, but it always gets hung up on a file /private/var/folder/. then a bunch of gobblygook and ends in /quarantine. ESET does say 0 threats at the end.

There’s A LOT of keychain actions in the keychain section of my Mac since this happened.Spurts of 30 or 40 in a few minutes. But I’ve never gone to keychain in utilities until this so not sure what’s unusual. Even things like ‘find my iPhone’. was on keychain..a lot if iMessage lines too. I’ve got a couple screen prints of the keychain entries. Also, when I go into facebook, I used to get the general keychain prompt Use password for “myusername” from keychain , but now there’s about three more options below that like ‘myusername.com.go” or “myusernamewww” which I’ve never seen before.

Apple support had me install and run Malwarebytes and there was one adware file which we deleted. The scan took all of 30 seconds and only scanned 13,000 files. We also restarted in safe mode I guess. The one where you see the spinning world globe for 15 minutes.

They also told me to update latest operating system on my Mac which I am doing now.

Apple seemed content saying, oh, Malwarebytes took care of any issues.

I’ve done some googling but just wondering if there is something I should be looking for or should I take my Mac to a tech shop and explain and have them check it out. Are running ESET and McAfee (which I downloaded last night) going to pick up any issues?

I have a lot of anxiety at the best of times, so this is putting me over the edge as you can imagine, not so much the blackmail, but that I had scans of my passport on my desktop and well, my whole life and afraid someone now has access to that.

It is just my angst or should I be concerned and take further action.

Thanks so much everyone! Happy to answer additional questions.

Never thought I would be that gullible person, but here I am. Humbling.

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