May 23, 2021

Should I changed my phone number?

I recently gave out my cell phone number on the buy, sell & trade app Offerup to someone, but now I’m concerned that it may be used to steal my identity.

I’ve read in the passed that it’s possible for people to steal your cell phone number and use it to hack into your personal accounts disguised as you to steal your identity.

Currently most of my important accounts have strong passwords and I’m not sure how they would be able to use my number to find the association between it and my bank account, email, etc.

Today there was a suspicious log in on my Instagram account, and it now has me paranoid about the fact that I gave out my number to someone who I believe was likely a scammer.

What should I do in this situation?



Change your passwords, check what devices are logged into your account. Use two factor authentication.


I happened to give my phone number to someone in OfferUp with actual reviews and long time user supposed to send me pictures for a trade. When he didn’t do it, I immediately started going to every single one of my accounts and changing the password to everything and making sure I have 2FA wherever possible.
What I’ve seen is that they use your phone number to create a Google Voice account, but I already have signed up to every possible service like that to prevent someone else doing it on my behalf, just in case.

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