October 11, 2021

Should I continue using an AV?


Since always I’ve been cautious with all related to the digital security, including web security. I’ve never got big issues related to this. This year I got my new serious job, so I decided to buy a good rated AV with my first salary, in this case, Bitdefender.

I really liked it and except a few minor things, I didn’t have issues with it.

The reason I write this post is because I read a lot of people and articles that says that using an AV is bad idea and I should only rely on my common sense and be carefoul. Even a programming tacher told me that.

First of all I want to ask why, and then I would like to hear your oppinion. Should I continue using an AV, even if I’m a prudent user?

Thanks for all and have a nice day.



Using an third party AV, and especially paying for one, is pretty pointless, its indeed true that common sense is the best antivirus, it shouldnt completely be relied on, we as humans arent perfect, and we screw up, and is exactly why an antivirus should be meant as an last line of defense incase we fail to recognize danger.

For the past two years I have only relied on Windows Defender, an standard user account, an adblocker and an third party firewall, and finally Hard_Configurator to harden my system, and finally ConfigureDefender to boost the capabilities of Windows Defender.

IMO its more important to watch out for phishing sites as they are far, FAR more common than malware, and when 94% of all malware spreads via email its pretty easy to avoid the majority of malware.

Also make sure to constantly keep your devices and applications up to date.

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