September 7, 2021

Should I stay or should I go?

Hey everyone,
I’m looking for some thoughts on my current situation.
I’m 39. I’ve been at my current job for 2.5 yrs. It’s GRC. I make about 110-115k yr. I got a 2.7% bump in that whole time. Benefits aren’t great but time off and flexibility are, and I’m fully remote and was before COVID. It just isn’t challenging. It isn’t very technical work either which I kind of miss. I’ve only been involved with security for about 3 years and IT helpdesk and SysAdmin for 10 years prior. I have obtained -CISSP, GCIH,CISM,CISA,CRISC but have my sights set on some OSCP.

My choices as I see them:
OPTION:Stay and get my Masters -possibly from SANS which will require about a 6 year commitment to the current job. (This seems like an eternity to me.) Could help me get a better job when I’m 45).

OPTION:Stay and just try and get promoted to manager as I’m already doing the work, and I imagine I could get it between now and 2 years. I don’t expect much more pay. Maybe another 15k of I’m lucky. This doesn’t help me from being bored though. That would put me at 40-42 and about $130.

OPTION:Go find another job. I’ve seen a few in Mgmt roles I could probably eventually get for about $130.

OPTION: I’ve considered getting a part time job. I have a lot of down time and it would give me some extra income. OR Even just trying to do some side work after getting that OSCP.

Other Options? Mix? Should I be pushing for more? I was thinking I might move to a smaller company to be more instrumental in the program. I feel like I have amazing ideas, but I’m pitching them to people who’ve been fine for 10+years and don’t care.
I do love my work-life balance. Am I being greedy thinking I can do/make more and still keep a good balance? I was hoping to be making about $130 by now.



Do whatever you love. You’re so far into this that I can only imagine the first few words. Do what you love. Do what matters. Clearly you have the knowledge. Just make some memories.

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