So right now I work Tier 2/3 helpdesk. Ive been applying for entry level cybersec jobs for about 4-5 months now. I get a good amount of interviews and often get to the last interview. Usually I see about 2 or 3 before a final decision. Each person is professional to an extend, video calling from their office with at least ok lighting and some sense of professionalism.

I’m eager to get a cybersec job. Here’s the thing. A recruiter called me about a job for their client. Their client is a small consulting firm that does security work for other companies. The recruiter call went alright, yet felt a little off as they were working for their own company. No big red flag though IMO. He sent my resume to the firm. The recruiters messages to me are awfully worded and punctuated and he texts me instead of emails.
I called with the CEO of the firm and he was calling in a tshirt in his I assume kitchen from a laptop on the counter as he was standing up, with the sun glaring into the webcam so I could barely see him, He asked me about my work history and experience after telling me a bit about his company. Immediately after he said stuff along the lines of “Oh that sounds great let me talk to the recruiter and see when we can get you on board”. He asked no technical questions. I asked some questions and he answered well though. In the recruiters message he said the firm was looking to hire 2-entry level, 2-mid, and 1 senior.
The Firm CEO sent me an email the day after saying he would like to give me an offer to work there for $85k (Which I asked for and they said they usually pay 70k-75k for entry / mid but will make an exception). I asked if we could call the day after (tomorrow) and he replied asking what time works for me. I gave a time and he said “Great, give me a call then on my number xxx-xxxx-xxxx if I dont pick up call me on my other line xxx-xxxx-xxxx”

So what Im saying is Im super eager to get a cybersec job after many months of interviewing, and I got this offer, but I dont know how confident I am about it. I currently work for a very secure F500 company making 52k, but I dont want to do helpdesk anymore and want to move to cyber. If I decline this offer I worry I wont find another offer for many many more months

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  • Chip512

    November 26, 2021

    While the company with the offer sounds a bit iffy if you can do the job for 18 months or so it can be the stepping stone to a better cybersecurity position. You haven’t said much about your financial position (dependents, savings) so consider those in your decision – having 3-6 Monts expenses in an emergency fund (savings, not stocks) can give you the freedom to take positions such as the one you describe.


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