October 14, 2021

Should resumes be 1 page?

Hey all, I’m about to graduate and I have some pretty interesting projects to put down on my resume. The issue is that my college really pushes the whole ‘1 page’ resume thing.

I’ve heard mixed points of view. What do you all think?



I think 2 pages is ok if you don’t include extra stuff that no one cares for.


I think the one-page idea is based on when you used to print your resume on fine paper with matching envelope. If a potential employer is aghast at *oh Jesus wept* a Second Page!?!?!, then perhaps that employer can kiss your gonads. If you have done a lot, more than what fits on a single page, I say add as much as you like. If an employer somehow ignores you because of more pages you should thank them because a place like that is full of dead dreams and misery.


As someone who hires, I’m just super interested in what YOU have actually done. Not all the idiot-fluff people insist on cramming in.

Projects are good, just make sure you’re not saying you built the International Space Station single-handedly when what you really did was help code one of the code modules for the air scrubber.

Check thoroughly for typos, wrong numbers etc. Attention to detail is critical in IT/cybersecurity.

Also you’re a college grad, not a seasoned pro so I’m not expecting mind-blowing experience. I am expecting you to be hungry to learn, have a head on your shoulders and clearly demonstrate you’re not one of the idiots in a group project that relied on other people to do the thinking. Somehow you have to convey that on printed paper; not easy.

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