April 22, 2021

So I wanted to download some music to test the speakers of an old laptop i have

So I wanted to download some music to test the speakers of an old laptop i have.

After looking for a while I found this site called [yt1s.com](https://yt1s.com) and it said it was safe and all. So I downloaded the song, and when I hit the download button, 2 things happened. 1: the mp4 started downloading [yes i clicked mp4 instead of mp3], but I also got sent to a site on a new tab displaying ”are you sure you want to add [insert random software like ”antivirus” or ”quicksearch”] as a chrome extension?”

**no i dont want your shitty software**

so i closed the tab and continued with whatever i was doing. Anyway, the mp4 downloaded, and the name was something like ”[yt1s.com](https://yt1s.com) – The lazy song”.

But after doing some research i saw that yt1s has a ‘pop-up ad virus’ that you can get, and now im scared i maybe got a virus.

now, you might think like that i have antivirus, and yes i do.

but after downloading the mp4, i pasted it onto an usb stick, and then put it into the laptop i wanted to test.

Now keep in mind, that laptop is a Dell latitude c540/c640 from 2002 [or something] running Windows XP without antivirus(?) [it still had McAfee antivirus prev installed, but im almost 100% sure that that license is expired, but since it never has a internet connection it cant update]

So my question is, *do i have a virus?*

feel free to ask me for some more details [if you need any] in the replies

I really dont want a virus as i cannot reïnstall it cos I dont have a windows xp installer…..

pls help me and inform me about the situation.

Thanks! :P




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