January 15, 2021

SOC Analyst Interview

Hello everyone! I know this question has been asked before as I have read through some of the posts and advice given, but I wanted to see if could offer me any additional tips.

I am pivoting into Cyber Security after working in education the past 10 years. I have completed a Bootcamp and am gaining hands-on experience through labs, as well as taking a number of courses regularly to continue gaining skills and knowledge. I have also began a small home lab to apply many of the security concepts that I am learning. I am scheduled to take the CompTIA Security+ exam this month.

My question is: I have a SOC Analyst interview next week, and I wanted to know what tips you can give me and what I should expect. I have made it through the initial pre-screening interview with HR, as well as a personality and technical assessment. I’m particularly on edge about the next technical interview with the hiring manager. Any advice and tips would be appreciated – I welcome all, but I would really like some technical interview tips that would prepare me on what to expect.  Thanks!



Going through a boot camp should provide you with basic knowledge but what a lot of hiring managers want see if passion for IT and cyber security. Do you have any projects or a home network that you experiment with? Sharing hobbies, interest in learning, and curiosity about tech will definitely help you get a foot in the door. One issue with boot camps (not saying this is you) is that they can be completed so fast people don’t have to show an interest for more than a year to make it through. People see the number of job openings and the pay and jump into a boot camp without any genuine interest in the field and end up just being a “body” in the SOC and not contributing to making the SOC any better.

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